Protecting yourself!

We, as intuitive people, often say to people that that need to protect themselves from negative energy.

What we are suggesting in this statement is that you are, in some way, exposed to negative energy coming from people and things around you.

For example someone who works in a hospital is always exposed to negative health energy, someone who works in a bank as a teller is exposed to all the people who come in with their happiness, sadness, anger, irritation and so on.

So what to do? There are a couple easy ways to protect your energy.

Crystals - Black tourmaline and/or smoky quartz are great for this. You don’t need to carry them around with you. First cleanse just under running water or in salt water with the intention that you are clearing away any residual energy on the crystal. Then program it - i.e. tell it what you want it to do. “Absorb all negative energy coming my way”. Then let it do its work. Smoky quartz will need a regular cleanse but you should be able to get away with about a month with the black tourmaline before you reclean it.

Intention - Imagine you are surrounded by an amazing ball of light. Ask that this ball remain in place for however long you need it and again ask this energy to deflect all negative energy. Imagine that the ball is coated in the lightest beautiful pink and green so that you are looking after your karma as well!

I know for me that I use a shield and also the black tourmaline on a regular basis - daily! LOL

I would love to know how you go trying these out. Please let me know!


People who come and see clairvoyants and healers rarely ask about what happens before and after a reading or a healing.

Everyone is different, but I thought maybe I could share with you my routines.

I need at least an hour before I start doing a reading to get myself ready.

I go into the room I use for working and energetically clear it either with incense, sage or just intention. I set it up for the day. I then head off to shower. It is when I am showering before I meditate that I start hearing what is going to be coming up when the client or clients arrive. At this stage I am also often made aware of the spirits hanging around waiting for their loved ones to arrive.

Then I meditate - always - for the client and for myself. This can take up to 20 minutes and spirits now start to make themselves more clear and I am getting a clear understanding of what is going on for the client/s that are coming that day.

After a reading a cut myself off from the client by literally applying a great big pair of imaginary scissors as I walk away. If the person has energy that wants to hang around I will either wash my hands, go and have a shower or smoke myself with sage or frankincense.

At the end of a long day of reading I will have either a salt bath or salt shower to remove all residual energy.

I also have a deal with spirit that ‘if I am not working- I am not working!’ I had to learn that I had control over what was happening. This meant that I was no longer bombarded with random messages and information when wandering around a shopping centre, for example. However, ‘we’ have some fine print that says that if person is placed in my path for a reason and I become aware of messages etc coming through I have to acknowledge and act on them.

Some people think that we (psychics) are reading them all the time - that is not true - we would be exhausted! We are pretty normal actually!

Have a magical week.