I have known Kathy for many years. In that time she has been spot on with information given to me when I have needed guidance to the point when I told her I was engaged she told me I would be pregnant when I was walking down the aisle.  Two years later and twelve weeks pregnant I walked down the aisle.  Damn her for being right!!!!  TG  Nov 2014

Kathy's Psychic Development Workshop… Kathy, thank you so much for a weekend I will never forget, you are an inspirational teacher who emanates love, empathy and compassion for others without judgement. This weekend has had a profound and positive effect on me and I have taken away from it new learning and tools to help me along in this wonderful journey we call life. I am humbled and honored to have spent the weekend with such beautiful souls with whom I felt very connected to. Thank you ladies for your inspirational stories, your insight and for simply just sharing. Thank you again Kathy, most sincerely for your trust and allowing us into your home. Forever grateful Siobhann :)  August 24th, 2014

Thank you for taking the time and effort to hold the Psychic development course.  You are a great teacher.  It's given me some insight into what happens around us and how to connect a little better which in itself….. is a wonderful gift.  Thank you again.  Glenda 2012

I just wanted to say a Big Thank You for the course on the weekend.  It was a great help to me and I can now understand many things that I was not sure of before, and working with such a lovely group of people was an inspiration to me and also a great help.  I now look forward to developing and practising what you have taught me.  Michelle  2012

Hi Kathy…how are you? Life is good thanks to you…you have made a huge difference to my life with our chance meeting on the plane to Perth. Anyone reading this that needs help in any way, shape or form must see Kathy…a true healer and lovely lady in one package…luv to you Kathy…I think of you often…xo  Jude on Facebook 16.10.2012

Kathy\'s reading left such an impression on me, that when some time later she held a psychic development course I jumped at the opportunity! Her class was a wonderful opportunity to learn in an open, fun and non-judgmental environment. I am looking forward to attending more.  Therese  4.10..2012

After Psychic Development Class   "To learn that I have this amazing power within me was mindblowing and learning how to use that power for the greater good is very empowering" email from J.A. 11.7.2012

Hi Kathy, I wanted to give you a testimonial regarding the cleansing you did in my house a while back!

'After reaching breaking point in my life I realised that no matter how scientific I was I needed to find a greater reasoning for what was happening to me. I called Kathy who was recommended to me and since meeting her she has changed my life. I was at the point where after ten years of the deepest darkest misery, Kathy left my house after an hour and I could literally feel the sun on my skin and could breathe without feeling stifled. I was not a spiritual person in any way, but Kathy has given me nothing short of 100% total belief. Kathy, what you did for me I still cannot describe, my life has changed in ways I never thought possible, and I quite honestly owe my life to you, because if I hadn't met you I don't know where I'd be now, but I know it would have been dark. I adore my life now, and I feel like I'm truly living, not just existing. Thank you. H.K. 14/8/2012

My name is Marina. I met Kathy about 9 months ago. I had a reading with Kathy and she managed to pinpoint a lot of areas in my life with accuracy. Recently I had a Pranic Healing session and Past Life Regression. Wow! What an experience! It's taken me days to get over the surreal experience. never have I had such clarity in my life. The healing session made feel energized and read to face the world again. The Past Life Regression has made me realize why I am who I am and has given me a better understanding of how to cope with what is thrown my way. I will definately have more Regression Therapy and would tell you all to have a go. It's an experience that will change your life. Marina xxxx

Thank you so much for being who you are. As I scrolled through the Internet looking for help I prayed whoever was available would be able to deliver what I needed. My prayers were answered. ……… We all react differently when we get to the edge of that cliff I guess. Thanks so much, you have empowered me for life."Text message from P. M. 3/8/2010

"Hi Kathy, Kelly here, you did a reading and healing for me a week or two ago. I just wanted to thank y for who u are and what u do for people. I think it’s amazing and it must feel so wonderful knowing u have the ability to help people in the way u do, since meeting you it has given me a lot to consider and has helped me to put things in perspective and I feel better for it and I thank you for that. Once again thank u, K" Text message 23/11/2010

Psychic Readings:

“Kathy was spot on when assessing my situation and was able to give me accurate advice for future direction. It was definitely worthwhile.” S.I. Gatton

“I found the reading insightful and relevant to my situation and predicament. I found the insights to be helpful and Kathy was able to assist me with strategies to deal with the future.” S.T. Grandchester

Pranic Healing:

“After my healing I felt relaxed and was able to deal with things with love and understanding where normally I would go off in anger. Two days later I feel as though my mind has been released from fog, still feeling light and energetic.”L.A. Blenheim

“Before my treatment my pain level was 9/10. After my first healing it went down to 3/10. After the second healing it was 1/10. I was happy with the treatment. Thank you." N.L. Coobulture


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