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Doing something for yourself is your investment in YOU!

Psychic Medium Readings

Clairvoyance, Mediumship and Counselling related to your reading are all part of any psychic reading.

Readings are for either half an hour or for an hour. You are the centre of my attention when you come and see me so I allow plenty of time in case we go over time.

Half hour readings are $70 and hour readings are $100.

For more information about your Psychic Reading, what to bring, what questions to ask and whether or not the session can be taped please go to the Psychic Readings Page.  Alternatively feel free to contact me using the form at left.

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I also do email readings and the links for these can be found on the shop page.

Past Life Regression

Reviewing your past lives, healing your present life and empowering your future life!

If you experience frustrations with ‘blocks’ in your life which may be present as physical ailments, phobias and fears, or challenging traits or relationships, Past Life Regression Therapy is one very effective way to open the pathway to understanding yourself and to eliminating the blockage but understanding who you really are and why you are here.

By having a Past Life Regression Therapy treatment you are taking responsibility for yourself. Many psychics (including myself) can see people’s past lives and can pass on what they are shown. However this has little or no therapeutic value as blockages can only be lifted when the person views and engages with the past life event and is then told by there higher self what the lesson is.

I passionately believe that you are drawn to this therapy for a reason and this is because your soul, your higher self or your subconscious has led you here to take you on a spiritual journey for self healing.

I am a qualified Past Life Therapy Facilitator and have trained with Toni Reilly who has been trained as a teacher of teachers (!) by Dr Brian Weiss, the pre-eminent psychotherapist and expert on Past Life Regression and author or world best seller “Many Lives, Many Masters”.

Past Life Regression Therapy sessions usually last for about and hour and half and are $190 (which includes a compact disc recording of your regression, a letter which includes the central messages of your regression- all posted within a working day).

The Past Life Regression Therapy  Page has more information and answers all your questions. Alternatively you can contact me using the form at left.

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Energy Healing

I am a fully qualified Pranic Healer and a Reiki Master. Energy healing is a an amazing way to set your life back on track in many different aspects. It helps your physical body but it also works towards getting your whole wellbeing back on track so that you can work on healing yourself! I have found that energy healing on its own is wonderful but when combined with counselling and implementation of other strategies it is stupendous!!!!

I predominantly use Pranic Healing when I am doing a healing for you but I am guided by your guides and my healing teachers when I do a healing.

Pranic Healing corrects the energy imbalances underlying simple and complex disorders. It works by removing ‘used up’ or diseased’ energy and replacing it with fresh vital energy called Prana.

This cleansing and energising allows you to develop your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Pranic Healing offers exceptional benefits when working with other therapies.

While Pranic Healing can be used for a general tune up for the body, it can also be used to address and aid most ailments from asthma and arthritis to bedwetting and burns to fibro myalgia and headaches to depression, anxiety, addictions, phobias and fears. Pranic Healing facilitates the body’s ability to heal itself. When your energy system is cleansed and revitalised the body can go ahead and do its job of healing any ailment you may have.

There is no physical touch.

There are extensive records kept so that you can the confidence that your healing is dealt with in a professional manner.

Energy healing is $100 and sessions typically last for just over an hour so it is good to allow about an hour and half for each session.

There is more information about healing at the  Energy Healing Page or you can contact me on the form at the left.

Please note information about showering before you come.

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Questions I am asked

Do you do email or phone readings?

I do email readings, but not phone readings at the moment although this may change as my circumstances change.

Do you do house clearings?

Yes. The cost is dependant upon the travel time.

I want my husband, daughter, father etc to come and see you for a reading or a healing. Can I bring them?

If they want to come! In all work that involves energy it is important to get the person's permission and for them to open and willing to receive all that is given to them.

Do you do Psychic Parties?

Yes I do; the cost is dependant upon the number of people, the distance travelled etc.

Are there any other general questions you would like to be included in this space? Let me know and I will include them!