Psychic Readings

 What can I expect at a reading?  |   Deciding on the questions I should ask.

What can I expect at a reading?

Readings are for either half an hour or an hour. I allow plenty of time so if they go a little over time this is allowed for in your appointment.

If you can, please bring photos of people (family or those who have passed over) you would like to either know more about or contact in spirit. This is like sending out a phone call to the Universe to make the connection with the energy of the person. It also helps the psychic link if you can give the age of the person and there first name.

You could also bring a piece of jewellery or something else that belonged to the person if it is someone who has passed.

If there is someone in spirit who want to make contact with you they may come through even if you don't want this. Please let me know if you do not want to have this communication.

I usually ask you to choose a deck of cards to shuffle. The decks are all very different and your choice of decks and the energy you put into shuffling them, because you feel something for them (i.e. like them or 'feel drawn to them') will enhance the reading. While you are shuffling the cards I will ask you what questions or areas that you need guidance with and if there is anyone you particularly want to know about or connect with. While you are telling me this you are putting the energy of these questions into the cards as you shuffle and this again leads to greater accuracy and clarity for the reading.

I rarely lay the cards out, preferring to read the energy that you put into the cards when you are shuffling them.

I prefer for my clients to have an hour reading the first time they see me and then you can choose whether on follow up visits for readings you come for half or an hour. Usually follow up visits are only half and hour and clients come with very specific issues they need addressing.

You are very welcome to tape your reading or take notes. I do tape readings if you request it and there is an extra fee of $10 for this. I burn your tape to a CD and this is then posted to you.

I may ask you if you are comfortable with me giving you a 'mini healing' prior to the reading. This is just to cleanse your energy body so that the reading is clearer and less full of other people's clutter that you may be carrying around in your energy body.

Sometimes the information given in a reading will be very clear and it will be obvious what it means to you and for you, helping you to take the appropriate actions. Other times you may need to go away and reflect on what you have learned. You may have to think about the messages you have been given before you make decisions. This is part of the process of learning to listen to, and trust your own inner wisdom.

Deciding on the questions to ask

Focus on the whys, hows and whats of a situation rather than a where or when question. This will get you more than a one-word answer. Moreover, I can't guarantee a specific date or time for an event to happen, but I can give advice about how to deal with any given situation and where I see it going in the future.

Make sure questions are clear and make sense. Just because I am clairvoyant doesn't mean I can interpret vague or ambiguous questions.

While any kind of supplementary information isn't always necessary if you need to give extra information to make sense of your question, please don't hesitate to do so.

If there is another person involved give their first name and date of birth. This helps the psychic link.


Half hour readings are $70. Hour readings are $100. 

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