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If you are drawn to this therapy this is because your soul, your higher self or your subconscious has led you here to take you on a spiritual journey for self healing.

What can a Past Life Regression do for me?

Past Life Regression Therapy can assist in, and produce results which are both subtle and profound in many areas of health and life patterns.

If you experience frustrations with 'blocks' in your life which may be present as physical ailments, phobias and fears, or challenging traits or relationships, Past Life Regression Therapy is one very effective way to open the pathway to understanding yourself and to eliminating the blockage but understanding who you really are and why you are here. It can help to answer questions such as:

• What life patterns have I brought into my current life?

• What are my important life lessons in my present life?

• Do recurring emotional patterns in my current lifetime have origins in events which took place many lifetimes ago?

• Are there any recurring patterns in my previous lifetimes?

It can transform your life in so many ways. People report changing their sense of who they intrinsically are, which in turn leads to great purpose and understanding including peace of mind, freedom from belief patterns that have held them back, self confidence and confidence in their future direction, improved health and understanding of strategies to improve their health, increased spiritual growth and inner happiness. Patterns of self sabotage are reduced and clients are given the wisdom to tackle their life from a completely different direction.

Sometimes the very act of remembering the past life circumstances in which a fear or an illness first arose may be sufficient to bring healing and improvement to your present life.

I am speaking from personal experience and can say confidently that the issues that I have tackled in my own Past Life Regression Therapy sessions (with other therapists) have led to the all of the above changes and more!

Dr Brian Weiss, the pre-eminent psychotherapist and expert on Past Life Regression and author or world best seller "Many Lives, Many Masters" explains that "Whereas in classic psychoanalysis, patients used to have to see their doctors multiple times a week to talk about parents, childhood traumas and dreams, past-life therapists promise they can access the memories from which troubles stem in just one session. Catharsis and healing are nearly instantaneous results", Dr. Weiss said. “You don’t need six months of trust,” he explained. “This is the fast form.”

You are taking responsibility for yourself by having Past Life Regression. It is your higher self, your soul, your subconscious that you access and it will give you the answers you need.

What to expect in a Past Life Regression Therapy session

Past Life Regression Therapy sessions usually last for about and hour and half with the actual regression lasting about 60 to 80 minutes. Most clients report, however, that they feel they have only been regressed for about 10 minutes.

You will visit between 1 and 3 lives and this may include part of your present life or the period between lives. You will be gently guided to view and sense significant events in your lives and you usually will gather information to facilitate a healing for yourself – it is very special experience on many levels.

When you arrive we will sit down and set a clear intention for what you would like to get out of the past life session. This is an important part of any regression as your subconscious mind and higher self are put on notice to remember the memories that are relevant for you and any issues that you wish to explore. As a therapist I will not influence you in the setting of your intention, however it should be noted that sometimes your higher self will lead you to other issues that you need to hear, see or review for now!

I will then gently guide you to enter a relaxed state. You will be safe and supported during the entire process to take you to the desired state for optimal regression.

The majority of the regression will now begin. You will be recalling the most important and significant events of that life that relate to the intention of your Past Life Regression. I will be taking notes and asking questions so that you can 'view' the areas of your past life that your spirit guides and higher self feel are necessary for you to see, to progress positively in this life! Sometimes you even 'recognise' people from your current life in your past lives who could be either helping or hindering you now.

Finally your higher self will express messages regarding the reasons you have visited the lives and their relevance for your life now. You will have a healing from your higher self and guides which will integrate your regression into your present life and help with any healing that needs to occur.

You will then be gently bought back to the room and awareness of the space around you. I will give you a drink of water, we will do a brief review as we discuss the life parallels and lessons and messages you gained in your Past Life Regression.

When you leave I will give you a notebook and pencil and I strongly suggest after you leave the session you find a quiet space and write down as much as you can recall about the session. Some of the memories will continue to come up to a week later and by writing down what you remember you are consolidating all the experiences you have been able to 'view' throughout the regression.

You will heal in your own space and time and sometimes this can be instantaneous and other times it will take a longer. I suggest a review in about a week after your regression where you sit and think about how things have changed for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't get relaxed enough?

As a trained Past Life Regression Therapist I am able to guide you to deeper and deeper states of relaxation and the majority of people do regress. The most important thing is to come with a positive attitude regarding your ability to relax and an expectation of being able to do so.

In the unlikely event that you are not able to regress we can use the time other Intuitive Healing, Guidance and Mentoring as well as talk about other relaxation and meditation techniques that you can use to help your relaxation. You can then come back at another time if you choose to. Please note that even if you do not regress the full fee applies.

How will I feel afterwards?

How you feel following a Past Life Regression will very much depend on the experiences you have had throughout the regression. You may have had pleasant experiences that were 'shown' to you in your past lives or your guides may have 'shown' you scenes and experiences that were confronting or disturbing. Be aware that your higher self and guides WILL NEVER give you what you cannot deal with, but only what you need to see to help you work through the intention of your Past Life Regression.


Past Life Regression Therapy is $250.

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