Courage of the Soul

Oracle Cards

50 cards plus 2 bonus manifestation cards – 65 page Guidebook – Sturdy box and lid

Each card included a crystal within the image.  Can you find it?

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Facebook Card Choice

Thursday 8th January, 2015

Did you choose 1, 2 , 3, or 4?  Details about your choice are below.

15 Jan

Card 1 – This life is the greatest journey you will ever be on. 

Well done.  You have come a long way and you
have every right to be celebrating.

The world is your oyster.  You just need to reach in
and pluck out the pearl that is you.  Acknowledge 
the personal and spiritual growth that has occurred
within you.

Take personal credit for what you have accomplished.  
Know that you are ready to embrace the world, to 
move to the next cycle in your life, taking everything
with you to achieve even greater personal success 
and satisfaction. 

(Yep, this is the card that I always want to choose, LOL)

Card 2 – Worrying about the past won't change the outcome

It is hard to solve problems in your present when you
are still invested in how these same problems are
connected to the past.  You can’t change what has
already happened, but you can change what is in the
future and present by choosing actions that are
appropriate to now!

It is time to move on from the past and realise that
you have the intellectual ability to  refocus on what
is really important – what is happening right now!

There is a positive future within reach.  Put old 
problems behind you.  The Universe is asking you
to look at the higher learning that is occurring for you.

Card 3 – Self Development is a higher duty than self sacrifice.

It is time to value yourself.  Your personal growth, 
learning and interaction has been suspended as you
focus on the needs of others to the detriment of 
your own needs.

Yes, it is hard to change sometimes, but the 
change is not only for yourself, but it will act as a
model for those friends and family around you.

By choosing this card the Universe is letting you
know that your personal sacrifice can no longer
be for nothing.  

Express your needs and act on them!

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