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Psychic Development

Have you ever wanted to develop your psychic skills and find out what gifts you have? We all have them!

This weekend course covers different aspects of psychic skills and will give you the opportunity to develop your innate intuitive senses. Lots of psychic exercises, readings and personal healing at this workshop!

You will learn how to connect to source energy, and use that energy for healing, readings, mediumship and positively change your life.

Areas covered include :

  • Connecting with source energy
  • Protection Prayers
  • Using meditation
  • Feeling, seeing, using energy
  • Chakras – what are they, where are they?
  • Using a pendulum
  • Intuitive card reading
  • Psychometry

Cost for the weekend is $250.

Dates to be announced. 

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Testimonial – J.A. 11.7.2012 "To learn that I have this amazing power within me was mindblowing and learning how to use that power for the greater good is very empowering"



Reiki is a gentle, touch activated technique accessing pure Universal Life Force Energy to help restore natural health and balance on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

To learn Reiki, all you have to do is be open to experiencing something that is special and sacred and be curious to learn about your instinctive ability to self-heal and help to heal others.

Reiki will transform you and expand your consciousness.

Cost for the classes is $250 for the weekend.   Please note that we cover Reiki Levels I and II in this weekend.

(Please note: Every pair will need a massage table so if you have a table or know of someone with a table you will need to bring it for this this class).

Reiki I and II

Dates to be announced.

Deposit Balance Full Payment

Testimonial – A.B. 2.7.2012 – "I had such a mind blowing time. Thanks so much!"


Soul Cards

This class is based on the work of researchers who have found that we are attracted or repelled by images because they resonate with something within us; they are a mirror to our souls.  This class gives you the opportunity to explore this knowledge further.  The cards can be used to help guide you in difficult life experiences.

The workshop explores the images that reflect

– your inner committee – the different parts and personalities of you,
– the community influences – the people, and pets who have embedded themselves in your soul journey,
– the totem animals of your different energy centres
– and the Council influences – the various archetypes that are active in guiding your life and weaving it into the larger story of your life

There are no skills needed and lots of fun as you cut, tear and glue!  You will learn to use your imagination as you create a unique deck of collaged cards.  The cards will give you a tool to connect with your inner self.

The workshops go over two days of the weekend 20th/21st October from 10 to 4 both days. The cost of the weekend is $250 and this includes everything you will need to make your first cards.

Please telephone or email to secure your place and to make your deposit or pay in full.

To be announced.


Dowsing – How to use your Pendulum Effectively

This class looks at making a connection with your pendulum or pendulums, and their potential and how to use them in every aspect of your life. It will teach you how to ask questions correctly to get the right answers.

Please telephone or email to secure you place and to make your deposit or pay in full.  The numbers will be limited.


To be announced.



Enjoying Reiki Class

Maree bought her young son along to do the Reiki class. Here they both enjoy a treatment!

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