I am a Clairvoyant Medium.advertising photo

–I am Past Life Regression Therapy Facilitator.

–I am a Pranic Healer. I have studied Pranic Healing comprehensively attending many of the courses up to three times to ensure that my understanding and practise was both competent and thorough.

–I completed a Graduate Diploma in Education in Queensland where, rather than do education units, I studied Guidance and Counselling, graduating in 2009.

–I am a Reiki Master.

In the mid 90's (last century!), while working as a teacher in the wheatbelt town of Merredin in Western Australia I was asked whether I was interested in attending a course in Pranic Healing. I had no idea what Pranic Healing was but my curiosity was aroused. Perhaps, rather than do the course, I could have a session with the healer? That healing changed the direction of my life. As a result of that short session I became innately aware of my energy body and the profound affect that it was having on the physical, emotional and psychological aspects of my life.

It was empowering! Since that time I have committed myself to be the spiritual person I am and to teach and motivate others to also be empowered in every aspect of their lives.

I have always been 'psychic' or intuitive. My grandmother was known to also have the same gift. I spent much time with her as an infant and while she passed away when I was still a child, she continues to guide and support me from the 'the other side'.

When I was a small child I used to amuse my parents by letting them know who was on the phone and who the call was for! By the time I hit my teens I was talking with those who had passed and who needed help passing over to the spirit world. I now help clients by clarifying what is happening in their lives, the direction they need help to move in and also by linking them with loves ones who have passed over. I use Healing and Past Life Regression to help people access and understand what is happening in their lives and to identify why they may have certain blocks to moving ahead in this life.

On a more practical basis I trained as a teacher in my mid twenties and have worked throughout wheatbelt Western Australia, in Perth, in remote Aboriginal communities in the Kimberly and more recently in the Lockyer Valley in Queensland.

I am no longer employed as a teacher,preferring to reach out and help in the more esoteric fields.

My focus is to help to empower people to achieve all they can using Clairvoyance, Mediumship, Healing, Counselling and Past Life Regression. My training in counselling is reflected in my empathic caring and understanding communication with all my clients.

I believe that we can be the best we can through a process of healing, both personally and with the guidance of others. Sometimes we just need to be able to access and understand the "pieces" we need to work towards having peace and joy in our lives.

I look forward to meeting you in the year future and trust that I will be an instrument in your personal healing or spiritual growth.





My lovely Nana

My maternal Grandmother, who I am blessed to have helping from the 'other side'.